Grupo Comit IF&B


Hello, we are the Comit IF & B Group.
Established in 1993 – Canary Islands.

We are Italians, we know what you like

Italian cuisine is known all over the world and represents a fixed reference point for the good taste and authenticity of the products.
The main characteristics that distinguish it are the simplicity of the dishes, the freshness of the ingredients, the rich regional diversity. And without a doubt it is a very important part of Italian culture.

High quality products

During these 25 years, we have chosen the best products and the best suppliers, and this has given us the security to import a great variety of excellent products.


A logistic and distribution network consisting of 6 owned warehouses located in the main islands, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and the newest of the island of La Palma.


Deliveries are made by 25 vehicles equipped with temperature-controlled compartments, both for cold and dry transport, and for frozen products.

Customer Support

We offer our customers a personalized and timely contact, we have a toll-free number and an email dedicated to orders (for each delagation) and to obtain further information.

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