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We will participate one more year in the 8th Gastronomic Fair of the Canary Islands – GastroCanarias 2023. You can visit us at Stand 441-446 from May 23 to 25. We will wait for you!

GastroCanarias is a multimedia platform for comprehensive communication on gastronomy and a gastronomic guide to the Canary Islands. Under the direction of the journalist José Carlos Marrero, we seek to keep all readers informed about the latest developments in the Canarian gastronomy sector. In addition, we want the people who read us to learn more about the different industries within the sector: confectionery, nutrition, wines and much more. Everything that is included in the wonderful world of Canarian products is just a click away.

Italian cuisine is known throughout the world and represents a fixed point of reference for the good taste and authenticity of the products. Simplicity of the dishes, freshness and the regional diversity.
Italy has an impressive viticultural heritage, more than in other areas of the world: a great variety of autochthonous strains that very often come together in the Italian appellations of origin.
Our body needs protein from the food we eat to strengthen and maintain bones, muscles and skin. We get protein from meat, dairy products, nuts, and some grains or peas.

Cooking with Comit

By Simone Millico

At Grupo Comit IF&B we are launching a new initiative “Cooking with Comit” where you will be able to learn, from the hand of Chef Simone Millico, a large number of Italian recipes to prepare at home.

Cormòns Brochure

Art in Cellar

It all started in 1983, when Cantina Produttori Cormòns planted a vineyard made of 6500 rootstocks coming from all over the world, and in 1985 the first Wine of Peace has been harvested, for which every year three Italian and international artists designed the labels of the bottles, which were then sent to all the heads of state. In the 1983 important artists painted on the barrels of the cellar, and over the years were called other artists to paint the labels and the barrels, until the early 2000s. The humidity and the normal use of the barrels, have over the time compromised the paintings of this unique collection, recovered by the restoration work on 26 barrels started in 2018 and was completed in 2021.


Campeonato de Canarias de Pizza

On September 28, 2022, the final of the 3rd Absolute Canary Islands Pizza Championship – Grupo COMIT Grand Prize took place, at the Fairgrounds in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A total of 47 participants, from S/C de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and from other islands appeared in the final.

The winner was Riccardo Borello, from the Pomodoro e Mozzarella Pizzeria in Maspalomas, the runner-up was Lorenzo Toto, from the Pizzeria Il Capriccio on Vermont Restaurant in the Laguna neighborhood of El Coromoto (Tenerife) and third place went to Daniele D’Auria, from La Piazzetta in Los Cristianos (Tenerife).

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